People Are Sharing The Unexpected Ways They Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them, And I'm Gonna Need Help Picking Up My Jaw From The Floor

People Are Sharing The Unexpected Ways They Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them, And I’m Gonna Need Help Picking Up My Jaw From The Floor

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And the stories people shared were truly unpredictable. Take a look for yourself:

1.“I actually didn’t find out until nearly a year after we had broken up. I met a girl at a party, and we started talking about crazy exes. Our stories sounded a bit too similar, and I jokingly asked, ‘Did we date the same guy?’ Turned out, yes, we did, and at the same time. We had already been together for two years before she got involved with him. That was a fun night.”



2.“We were both 16, and her little sister was around 12. Her sister came up and asked if I’d met her boyfriend yet. I was like, ‘You know I’m her boyfriend. We’ve been dating for years.’ She said, ‘No, the NEW one.'”


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3.“Her parents had security cameras all over the house. Her dad played the video of her kissing and fondling another man in front of me and half of her family. I don’t think he liked me…but I dodged a fucking bullet.”


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4.“I saw a text come through to her phone from one of my friends regarding what mattress she wanted. Turned out that they had been out for the night drinking, got back to her house, and tried to have sex. He was too drunk and couldn’t get it up, so they gave up and fell asleep. He then proceeded to piss the bed. I always felt like that was karma at work.”


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5.“She told me her sister was visiting for the weekend so I couldn’t come over. Her sister’s Instagram showed she’d been at an event in another city the whole time.”


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6.“I had a friend a few years ago who was a private detective. He specialized in investigating marital infidelity. He told his client to take up a hobby; it didn’t matter what it was. Pottery, yoga, an evening course in basket weaving, whatever. So that’s what I did. The important part was that every week, on a specific day and time, the client would be at a class. Then he’d tail the spouse. Slam dunk.”


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7.“She had me set up her computer that I bought and didn’t remember her password to her iCloud account, so we just used mine. I had a rough time finding work and was filling out job apps on my own computer and started receiving alerts for DMs. Yeah…there were MULTIPLE men she was having an affair with. I filed for divorce the next week.”


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8.“Her best friend approached me at a child’s birthday party and told me that I didn’t deserve what was happening. Completely confused, I asked what he was talking about. He then told me about how she had been seen messing around with a co-worker and telling him about it. I then had to hold my heart in my chest and my stomach in my abdomen while a group of children, including my two small daughters, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and had a great time.”


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9.“My 16-year-old neighbor at the time came to sit by me and asked what was wrong. I was upset about a certain financial situation my wife had gotten us into. So as I was going to explain my situation before I could speak, she said, ‘Is it because your wife slept with your brother?’ My heart immediately went to my throat, and my stomach knotted up. I was in shock. Not only did I not have any clue, but my 16-year-old neighbor was the one who had to break it to me.”


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10.“My wife wanted out of Los Angeles, so I got a job in Utah. She suggested I move, get a house set up, and she’d join in just a few weeks when her bank job would let her transfer. A few weeks later, I’m back in California for a romantic weekend with her up in the mountains. She forgot her cellphone at work (the bank) and couldn’t go back for it. She kept using my mobile phone to check her voicemail remotely. Like obsessively. And she would then return calls to people from random phones (hotel, pay phone, etc.) but not my mobile. As I was sitting in the airport, preparing to fly back to Utah, thinking about how weird it all was, I decided to check her voicemail from my cell. She hadn’t deleted her recent messages.”

“There was a voicemail from some guy asking if she was OK, and he was worried about her sick grandpa she went to visit, and that he loved her. In a stroke of luck, he said he didn’t have good cell service at his friend’s house, so gave his friend’s number to call. I called. He said he was her boyfriend. I said I was her husband. I yelled at him. He yelled at me. Then I was like, ‘Dude, we’re both getting played.’ We had a total bro moment. Then I filed divorce papers the next week.”


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11.“I found out after I broke up with her in January 2018. The next day I came back to our flat to get the rest of my things. She opened the door and was freshly showered and styled. I was a little confused. I entered the living room and well…there was a guy I had seen over the past few months walking along the street after I came back from work, sitting on my couch. I was shocked, got my stuff, and once I was back at my brother’s flat I realized what had been going on. She cheated on me so many times when I was at work, and I never had thought about that.”


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12.“My wife found out her ex cheated when her friend saw him buying baby supplies. She spoke to him and said how excited she was to be an honorary aunty, and he laughed and said it was a happy time. My wife’s friend assumed it was my wife who was pregnant and phoned her all excited. Anyway, his bags were packed before he got home from his ‘work trip.’ My wife’s friend felt so guilty but can’t really blame her. The first thing she said to me when I met her was ‘Don’t get anyone else pregnant.'”


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13.“I was visiting him and his family and popped out to the shop. This girl was staring at me and came over and asked, ‘Didn’t you and [my S.O.] split up?’ Turned out they slept together, barely 12 hours after I went home four weeks priors. I stormed back to his house. and he admitted it so I grabbed my stuff and left. He didn’t think I’d find out because she was a ‘random hookup’ and I lived two hours away.”


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14.“I received a voicemail from her asking me to pick her up from work. I go there to pick her up and see her making out with a coworker before she got in his car and they left. This was after a year of marriage and us having a kid together. I found out later she called me by mistake and the voicemail was for someone else.”


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15.“My wife of 18 years (now ex-wife) started going out by herself, which was very out of the norm. One day I was cleaning out her car and found her purse. She’d been out the evening before while I stayed home with the kids. I looked in her purse and found condoms. I’d had a vasectomy eight years before, so I knew they weren’t for me. Felt like I’d been kicked in the guts. Three months later she moved out. She didn’t know that I’d hired a private investigator and had documentation of her affair. That really helped during the divorce proceedings.”


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16.“I found out he had another child three weeks older than our son.”


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17.“I woke up to go pee at 2 a.m. when I noticed lights coming from the guest room. I walked over and caught her with her legs spread wide open and finger banging herself…while on a FaceTime call with some guy she met online.”


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18.And lastly, “My fiancé and I had been living together for almost a year. For the last six months of our five years together, it felt like we were just roommates that shared the same bed. There was no intimacy there at all. I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was seeing someone. She was coming home late from work and saying it was from hanging out with friends. Finally, two weeks before the wedding she confessed in tears that she was pregnant. We hadn’t had sex in months. It’s by her boss.”


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